Easy Ways to Make Breasts Grow Naturally

When the world was created, God made one man and added a woman in order for procreation to happen. Humans were designed to be naturally attracted to each other and pave way to an increase in population. For centuries, the number of people continued to grow until races started to develop and now there are more than 50 countries with millions and millions of occupants. In every event when a baby is given birth to, there are always two parties that took part and one feeling involved – the mutual attraction between a man and a woman. God made it so, that a woman gets feelings for a man and vice versa so that they can be together, get married and have children to whom they can pass on to the things that they have achieved in life. And in order for someone to be drawn to another person, the physical appearance always plays a role. Some may have a different point of view and claim that they chose their partner based on other reasons. While it is true that a person’s character, wit, financial status, family and humor can charm another into liking him or her, still more than 50 percent of the time the appearance is the first thing that people look into.

Being pretty or handsome is a matter of perspective and it really depends on the one who is judging. But generally a flat nose, wide mouth, big forehead and chubby form are enough to drive away a potential mate. For years people have struggled to find ways in order to look better on the outside and now advancement in science and technology has given us a chance to achieve that dream body and face we have always wanted. Guys only need to have a handsome face, adequate height and good built in order to look attractive but for girls, a pretty face without the right size of breasts and butt can be quite frustrating. Breast enlargement surgeries are now available to help women grow bigger breasts and a lot are turning to it. However surgeries are invasive procedures and a patient needs to face all the possible risks and complications that come with it. Sure, it is one of the ways on how to make your breasts bigger, but is it really worth the worry and the danger? Are you really ready to face all the incisions and open the door to possible bleeding and infection just so you can have bigger breasts? Based on the millions of procedures performed in the past few years all over the world, there have been more than a hundred thousand reported problems related with the surgeries. Some patients suffered from deflated implants because of leakage, and others experienced the hardening and loss of sensation in their nipples due to the procedures done. Breast surgeries can even interfere with mammography results which makes it harder for doctors to detect cancer.

With all the issues being raised regarding the danger that can arise from undergoing breast enlargement surgery, many women are starting to resort to natural breast enhancement. The surgery may be an easy way to having bigger breasts but it sure comes with a threat to safety, and another thing to consider is the cost. All surgeries are expensive due to the facility, the equipment used, the materials and the expertise of the surgeon; and breast surgery is no exception. It can involve thousands of dollars for a single treatment and a patient is not even a hundred percent assured of excellent results. There are also a lot of reminders to follow after the procedure and once the patient fails to keep track, she will usually have to suffer serious consequences such as infection and implant rupture. That is why at the present people have already found ways on how to make your breasts grow naturally.

The natural way may have less risks and dangers involved but effort is the most important factor in the process. Someone who is determined to have breast enlargement should work as hard as she can in order to achieve her goal and be willing to patiently wait for the results as the outcome will not be visible overnight, it can take weeks or even months depending the method of choice.

One of the basic steps that can help improve the look of your breasts is through exercise. It sure is natural and no products are required for it. The traditional push-ups, chest press, chest fly and some basic breast stretches have gained popularity as exercise moves that not only help enhance the breasts but can also keep a person slim. Another choice is called as the Brava system. Now this is more expensive than the rest of the natural alternatives, reaching as much as a couple thousand dollars, but it is non-invasive unlike breast surgeries and if you can afford it then may be it is worth a shot. The Brava system involves bras with suction domes that must be worn at least 10 hours every day for a minimum of 10 weeks. The logic behind this is that giving constant pressure on the breasts will cause the breast cells to respond and eventually grow bigger. It is said that it can give as much as ½ cup growth to one’s cup size but of course it will be dependent on the period of time you wear the bra. There are also creams and lotions that contain herbs and plant extracts which are believed to be effective breast enlargement products. Many prefer these since they are not that expensive and so far there has not been any significant side effect reported. For an amount not exceeding a hundred dollars, you can already have a bottle of a breast enlargement cream or lotion; plus the massage that you do when putting on the products can even help in maintaining good blood circulation in your breasts. Others chew gums or take pills that also contain plant extracts and herbs and they claim that these have indeed helped enlarge the size of their breasts. The herbal ingredients that are used in making these pills and gums include fennel seeds, wild yam and saw palmettoto to name a few, which are folk remedies believed to increase a woman’s breast size. The process involved is the gentle regulation of the hormones that are related to the production of a woman’s breast tissue and the stimulation of estrogen production. The estrogen is a hormone that promotes fluid retention within the breasts and breast tissue thereby leading to enlarged breasts, just as how birth control pills that contain estrogens work. These are generally safe and they even have added benefits such as relief from the tension brought about by menstrual syndrome and menopause.

One olden time practice is simply with the use of water. Centuries ago, women believed that dipping their breasts in cold water for at least 5 minutes every night can help increase breast size. But there have also been talks on how having a regular hot bath can enlarge one’s breasts, according to some the breasts are composed of adipose tissue that slowly deposit over time so if they are constantly exposed to a hot temperature then the fats will slowly melt giving room for breast cells to expand. Hypnosis is also considered an alternative with a successful study conducted at the Institute of Behavioral and Mind Science in Indiana, USA. The study was conducted on 22 female volunteers with ages ranging from 19 to 54 years old for a period of 12 weeks. 19 of the volunteers confirmed an increase in their cup sizes with an average of 1.37 inches.

So just choose from the various easy ways to make breast grow naturally. No more swelling or sore breasts after a surgery, no more incisions made around your breasts and the best part is you do not have to spend several thousand dollars anymore just so you can achieve that cup size that you have always wished for.

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